George County : County Officials


The definition of the word "chancery" is equity. Chancery Clerk Cammie Byrd and her staff pride themselves on being equal as they handle the daily business of their office. They are the official record keepers for George County, such as deeds, deeds of trust, wills, cancellations, etc. They also file estates, guardianships, conservatorships, divorces, child support through DHS, adoptions, and youth court. They handle drug, alcohol, and mental writs. Delinquent land taxes can be paid in this office.

The Chancery Clerk also records the minutes of the Board of Supervisor’s meetings. If you would like to find any newspaper dated all the way back to 1910, the establishment of our great county, they can be found in the record room as well. The Chancery Clerk is elected by the entire county, not by districts like supervisors. The clerk serves a four year term with no term limits.


  • Creates and maintains files for each chancery court suit
  • Issues process for service upon defendants
  • Records the court's activities in various dockets and minute books
  • Schedules courtroom time (where counties share a common courtroom between chancery and circuit, or other courts)
  • Maintains dockets (in those districts without a court administrator who performs this duty)
  • Processes all phases of civil commitments
  • Summons jurors (in those chancery court matters in which a jury trial has been granted)
  • Receives and accounts for various filing fees required to accompany pleadings and appeals
  • Attends each session of the chancery court
  • Transmits statistical data to the Mississippi Supreme Court, AOC
  • Processes the court's record(s) for appellate review
  • Archives are also the Chancery Clerk’s responsibility. State law requires the following records are kept in perpetuity. 
    • Tax receipts
    • Land rolls
    • Chancery Court Cases
    • School records
    • Local Newspapers