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 George County Fairgrounds can do it all! Yes, it is the official home of the George County Fair but this 17 acres facility is home to dozens of events of all sizes. Last year, the Fairgrounds hosted two huge rodeo events, almost a dozen riding events, the Good Ole Days Festival, a three ringed circus, and a southern favorite, live wrestling.

The Fairgrounds is divided up into three sections- the Jaycees Building, a paved Mid-way, and the Multi-Purpose Building. All can be rented by resident. Please see our Community Centers page for more details.

Our signature event, of course, is the annual County-wide fair. The Lucedale Rotary Club and the Extension Service Office organizes and sponsors the Fair each year, the second week of October. The Fair has 4H events, kiddie rides, thrill rides, giant corn dogs, and great church booth food.

Please call the Board of Supervisors office at 601-947-7506 to check availability and scheduling.