George County : County Departments


Weather, age, and road usages- is the three headed monster that George County’s Road Departments face off against every day.  The County’s Road Departments are responsible for street repairs, drainage maintenance, right of way roadway maintenance, and new road construction projects. Your district’s supervisor works closely with his road manager each day. To inquire about road maintenance or future projects, call your Supervisor at 601-947-7506.

District Road Foremen:
•             Mack McLeod, District 1- Rocky Creek, Brushy Creek, Shipman Communities
•             Louie Howard, District 2- Agricola, Movella, Howell Communities
•             Stanley Anderson, District 3-Plum Bluff, Barton, Buzzard’s Roost Communities
•             Andy Rich, District 4- Central, Merrill, Bexley Communities
•             Lonnie Goff, District 5- Benndale, Broome, Vestry Communities