George County : County Officials


The department works together to appraise real and personal property within George County, administer homestead applications, and generate property maps. All property values and exemptions are administered as of an effective lien date of January 1 each year.

One common misconception is that the Assessor determines the county budget and tax rates. This is not the case. The Board of Supervisors, City Councils, and school boards set the budgets for their respective jurisdiction and set the tax rates to generate the needed revenue.

The offices of Tax Assessor were established by the Mississippi Constitution (Article 5, Section 135). The office is elected for four year terms by the county at large. 

Tax Assessor / Tax Collector

Vince CarlisleMr. Vince Carlisle was elected to his first term in Oct 2011. He is married and has four children. Mr. Carlisle is a member of Rocky Creek Baptist Church. He is a member of the R P Bowen Lodge #430.